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New GAIA owner, long-time Roland owner

Postby flyingace » 13:33, 3 April 2017

Just had the opportunity to sell my "extra" Juno Gi and get a GAIA. WOW, what took me so long? This is a wonderful little synth, easy to program, easy to operate (although all the funky key commands and the blinky BPM instead of a screen take some memorization and getting used to) and best of all SOUNDS GREAT!

I have one confusing question though, and I can't seem to find the answer in the manual or online yet:
When using the D-Beam, pitch and volume have a second function if you press them twice, they blink and the volume appears to play a "hit" and the pitch plays an "808 bass drum".

I can't seem to find these parameters anywhere or any explanation of how to set them.

Anyway, other than that and the other two things above, it's one of my new favorite Rolands that I've ever owned!
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