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External Keyboard

Postby GraemeF » 00:05, 2 July 2013

Hi, I just got a new gaia. Can someone tell me what benefits (or none) can be achieved by using a full size keyboard attached thru midi. Thnx
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Re: External Keyboard

Postby DaniH » 11:23, 4 September 2013

Basically, you don't have to worry about OCT+/-. You have a full keyboard laid out in front of you to play notes better if you need that ability.
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Re: External Keyboard

Postby TheOutsider » 14:54, 20 February 2014

Yeah it basically means have the joy of a full-sized keyboard with all of its expression and 'feel' and weighted keys etc etc etc to play the patch you've just made on your synth
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