My GAIA is crashing

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My GAIA is crashing

Postby mgregory » 13:21, 21 December 2013

I just got this thing and when I play it for like 2 minutes straight, it goes berzerk and locks up. Has that ever happened to anyone else? It's happening in the following situation:

I have the Clock Source set to MIDI, and I'm playing with preset patch C1, which has the LFO Tempo Sync turned on, but I actually forgot to send clock signals to the SH-01 (so maybe I deserve it, but I don't think the thing should crash ever). I'm this piece with constant 8th notes, and after about 1:45 seconds, it just locks up and holds these really loud, random notes. I have to turn power cycle the thing to get it working again. If I turn off the LFO Tempo Sync, then it doesn't crash.

So, in writing this message I figured out how to work around the problem. So, I guess I'm just reporting a bug and don't know where to report it.
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Re: My GAIA is crashing

Postby Steeps » 06:37, 30 October 2017

Hi, I know this is an old thread but I am having a similar issue. What was the work around? Turning off the LFO tempo sync? I would like to keep using that feature if possible but my Gaia is crashing constantly when I try to send midi clock to it :(
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