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Gaia phrase recorder sync

PostPosted: 15:03, 25 March 2014
by Deedrah

Is it possible to trigger Gaia's phrase recorder (play/stop) via midi? There just HAS to be a way to do this but I don't get it!

I'm trying to sync the thing with my TR-8 (midi thru TB-3) and don't seem to get it to work. I don't want to transmit any note data, just the midi clock to start/stop the recorder.


Re: Gaia phrase recorder sync

PostPosted: 21:36, 13 June 2014
by db Looper
So Yes! Maybe.

I was having a similar problem with my TR-8 sending clock and such.

The problem is that the Gaia is awesome and has General Midi Sounds under the hood that are only accessible if you use an external keyboard or whatever. Problem is this fucks with using a drum machine and using other MIDI implementations. They did correct this with update 1.03, but it is not in the manual, and it still requires a few button clicks when in settings mode.

Here is what you do:

Step 1: check your OS
-hold Cancel/Shift and press Transpose.
-the write protect(and lock symbol) will light up as well as the bank number buttons. which indicate which OS version you have. 2= 1.02, 3= 1.03, 4=1.04....
-press Cancel/Shift to return to normal.

If you have version 1.03 or 1.04 you are good to go to Step 2. otherwise you'll need to do an update: ... d=62081437

A bunch of what i'm saying, and how to update is also on that web page.

Step 2: Turn off GM(General MIDI)
-press Cancel/Shift and VLINK(this enters System Setting Mode)
-hold down the EXT IN ON button
-Press the Effects On/Off button
- Light on = GM on
- Light off = GM off
-release the EXT IN ON button
-press Cancel/Shift to exit System Settings Mode

Once you do this it should mostly work, however if you were like me and did a bunch of things to try and troubleshoot and figure it out, lets add a couple more steps and make sure the Gaia is on MIDI channel 1 just to keep everything in order. It's easy, just a couple clicks in System Settings Mode.

Step 3: Set Gaia to MIDI Channel 1
-press Cancel/Shift and VLINK(System Settings Mode)
-press and hold the VLINK button and make sure bank number 1 button lights up. if not, press it. you also will want the bank button itself to be off(otherwise it would be on MIDI channel 9).
-release the VLINK button
-press Cancel/Shift to exit System Settings Mode.

This will then have your Gaia on MIDI Channel 1, the TB-3 on Channel 2(its default), and the TR-8 on Channel 10(which is standard for drums). But if you want the the TR-8 to control the Gaia and have the Gaia tempo sync'd to the drums, you will need to set the clock source to MIDI.

Step 4: Set the Clock to MIDI
-press Cancel/Shift and VLINK(System Settings Mode)
-hold down the LFO TEMPO SYNC button and press the DELAY button to set it to MIDI
-release the LFO TEMPO SYNC
-press Cancel/Shift to exit System Settings Mode.

All this should make it so the Gaia(LFO, Delay, Appreggiator, Effects, Phrase recorder) and the TB-3 will be tempo sync'd to the TR-8. Im not exactly sure if this will make the phrase recorder launch, like the -3 does when you press play on the -8, but it should be much more playable and fluid.
If it doesn't, you may be able to have the play button on the -8 also trigger the gaia play button. This might take setting the MIDI control change parameters of the start/stop of the -8 to also control the corresponding MIDI control # of the phrase play/stop. But that would be another adventure in the land of MIDI.

Hope this helps!

-db Looper

P.S. I also make music(live) with a gaia, tr-3, tb-8, and some other things. We should talk more about that sometime!

Re: Gaia phrase recorder sync

PostPosted: 08:55, 17 January 2018
by Siversx
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