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looking for a new synth

Postby scooter_freak » 12:12, 15 May 2015

Hello. I'm new here. I don't know what forum that will be best to ask my questions. So you know it, I'm totaly blind, so i can't see a display. Now to my questions. I'm looking for a new synth. The gear i already have is, Roland sh-201, korg micro korg and a Roland fa-06. The synths i have looked at is access virus ti, nord lead a1 nord lead 4, Roland gaia, Roland juno-gi and korg king korg. I have tried the nord lead 4 in a music store, but have only listened to the first 50 sounds i think. Also the Roland gaia. The presets in the nord lead 4 wasn't so good, but i don't think i have listened to all presets. The sounds i want is sounds that can be used in hardstyle, hard trance, hands up and hard dance music. also bigroom sounds. Not electro house sounds. I need some good presets to start with or some soundsets for these music genres. Do you have some of these synths? if yes can you send a mp3 demo to me with the factory sounds and also with some soundsets you have created for the synths? I have listened on youtube, but can't find a demo for the nord lead 4 and a1 where all factory sounds are played. There are lots of demo's for the king korg, where they play the factory sounds. So my questions is. Can the gaia, juno-gi, king korg and the 2 nord leads do agressive hardstyle supersaw leads, basses, bells and pads? I know i can get lots of sounds for the virus ti, but how accessible it is to edit i don't know. Looking forward to here from you
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Re: looking for a new synth

Postby DaniH » 13:54, 16 June 2015

For what you are making I highly recommend the Virus or a Mininova for a cheaper option. I have a Korg R3, SH-201, Mininova, MC-808, and MC-909 and I like to make hard style as well. The virus is very exceptional for any style of music. The Mininova is capable of creating the sounds you're looking for as well and the automate buttons are great too.
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Re: looking for a new synth

Postby CesarsoundOne » 19:14, 16 June 2015

Roland JD-Xi is a good option too. I have one, great sounds.
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