help - patch memory confusion and axial

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help - patch memory confusion and axial

Postby rubez » 16:03, 12 July 2016

hi, thinking of getting a gaia but the patch memory is confusing... and seems weirdly old fashioned, especially since this synth is only 6 years old.

64 factory patches which can't be overwritten.... then there is 64 spaces for user patches?

are these 64 spaces on the keyboard itself, or on an external USB stick?

and with the USB stick, why is it limited only to 64 spaces even if it was a big memory stick?!

with the axial downloads on the roland site... is there space for them on the keyboard itself, or do they need to go on a USB stick?

can anyone clear this up please?

would be a great help, cheers!
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Re: help - patch memory confusion and axial

Postby mikefellh » 04:42, 15 July 2016

64 factory, 64 user that can be swapped in/out with the USB stick.

As for why it's only 64, count the preset buttons...banks A-H and each of those have 8 patches, 8 banks of 8 patches = 64.

As for why the keyboard is like it is, it's aimed at those who want to program the keyboard without having to do with computers, etc. BTW, other keyboards in this class also have limited number of patches, for instance the Microkorg and Microkorg XL both have 128 patches (total) too.
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