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Gaia Patches -- Classic Mini-Moog Patches

Postby TatoGaia » 01:57, 5 October 2016

Hi everyone

I've been having fun recreating some classic Mini-Moog sounds in my Roland Gaia, and I thought I should share them with you, and hopefully you can help me refine those patches to get closer to the original ones.

Here's the list:

- Rick Wakeman's Catherine of Aragon
- Rick Wakeman's Journey (not mine, but I liked it so much that I included it here)
- Rick Wakeman's Catherine Howard (one of them, as he used many patches in this song)
- Rush's Tom Sawyer Lead sound
- Rush's Tom Sawyer Growl sound

All patches are in the Gaia Tool format.

Hope you like them!

Gaia Patches - Rick Wakeman & Tom Sawyer
(1.9 KiB) Downloaded 112 times
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Re: Gaia Patches -- Classic Mini-Moog Patches

Postby Mog » 18:17, 5 October 2016

Very nice, Catherine of Aragon is especially good.

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Re: Gaia Patches -- Classic Mini-Moog Patches

Postby Glycerius374 » 14:31, 22 December 2016

I have only just bought my Roland Gaia SH-01. I have been looking at these patches that are available. Unfortunately I can't get the Gaia tool to work. Is there a way of converting them to another format please?
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