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Re: patches

Postby realjazzsax » 03:23, 6 March 2014

Gambler wrote:
If I was buying a Roland keyboard today, knowing what I know today, I would definitely wait for FA-06. (Another rule of mine is to never pre-order any electronics until you can try it or read/watch user reviews.) I'm unlikely to update my Gi, though, because that would cost me ~$600 and I have other synths anyway.

I have viewed almost all the GI and FA-06/08 Youtube videos that I can understand (those in english). There are far more GI videos vs the FA due to that the GI has been around alot longer. I test played the V-Synth and the DI. I did not like the build quality at all for both of them. Somehow the GI felt alot better. I really liked the analog sounds alot. Guitar Center has a 30 day return policy that I will use for whatever I buy.

Thanks for your response.
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Re: patches

Postby Gambler » 04:02, 29 December 2014

More sounds. BTW, a lot of them have various "features" assigned to bend, modulation and aftertouch (whcih I mapped to D-Beam). Ambient and orchestral stuff sometimes has velocity-sensitive layering.

It would be nice is someone shared some custom arps too. Currently, I am too lazy to make anything in that regard, but I suspect they might improve versatility of this keyboard quite a lot.
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Re: patches

Postby tiualu » 07:51, 7 May 2016

Hi Guys!

I received this Backup from a brazilian forum. Don't know who is the creator, but I really like his pianos sounds, like one called Motif Piano. Enjoy it.
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