piano sound?? V combo 0-9 V/S Juno GI

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piano sound?? V combo 0-9 V/S Juno GI

Postby R2 » 14:56, 15 January 2014

I'm tempted to buy the Roland V combo vr 0-9 because of the good piano and organ sounds.
as I understand, this keyboard is focused on organ piano and EP (tho it got keyboard sounds)

my question is,,, how is the piano sound on Juno Gi? is it the same as on the V combo vr 09?

another thing I like about the Vcombo is that you can easily reach for the effect knobs for overdirve, reverb, vibrato and so on. and that you can use the drawbars as ADSR and filters in synth mode.

do you guys n gals know about the piano sound?
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Re: piano sound?? V combo 0-9 V/S Juno GI

Postby johnsonpe » 06:06, 30 November 2014

The VR09 is a fairly simple instrument with mostly pre set sounds that have very limited editing capabilities.There are about 5 or 6 ac pianos,which are fairly decent sounding and are useable.There are really not much in the way of user presets-kinda like a nord.Very nice organ section with real drawbars,chorus,good Leslie sim, key click and percussion and synth section.The Juno GI takes a little f@#ng around to get the sounds right, but there are about 40 ac pianos and up to 4 can be stacked together with different effects, volumes, huge EQ, string resonance.WAY HUGE effects,many many more than the VR09.I have both and MIDI them together! WOW! What a combo.1300+ sounds
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