HELP! My "new" Juno Gi has a weird piano sound

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HELP! My "new" Juno Gi has a weird piano sound

Postby Sygkopat » 22:54, 27 August 2015

I bought a Juno Gi from a guy, and its working well and nice. BUT! it seems all the piano sounds has a weird filter or something on it. I have a hard time explaining it, since i am not good with sound yet. but like, it doesnt sound like a real piano. there is something about it. Its not much, but enough to make me crazy. I have never experienced it on any other keyboard, even the cheaper ones, sound more piano-like than this one.

It's only on the piano sounds its noticable, but on all of them. so maybe its something all around on the keyboard. It just sounds fake and electric for some reason. but is there any way to even put something like that on all presets? or can i somehow try to reboot the whole keyboard?

Really appriciate your help! :(
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Re: HELP! My "new" Juno Gi has a weird piano sound

Postby Synthtron » 14:06, 28 August 2015

You could try a factory reset to see if that helps. If you do not have a manual for info on that you can download it through Roland's website.
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