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Select User voices via midi

Postby caledonian56 » 16:56, 24 September 2015

I have studied my Soundlist and Owners Manual for my Juno Gi, and can find no way of accessing User Voices via the MSB/LSB/Program number route. I can see the settings for the Live Set List, Presets, GM but nothing under the User saved voices. Am I missing something?
On another note, when you edit a voice, will it always save only to the User bank (for which I can't find the midi settings above)?
For clarity, I am selecting voices live via an iPad running Set List Organiser software, on three different keyboards, and as far as I can see, I can only select Live Sets, Oresets or GM in this way on the Juno Gi.
Many thanks if you fee you can help me with this problem.
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Re: Select User voices via midi

Postby junogiuser1 » 23:59, 19 December 2015

I was looking for a similar thing, use imidipatchbay to change user live sets in the Roland Juno gi, the MSB, LSB and program changes for user live sets are not mentioned anywhere in the manual, the sound list, the quick guide and any other document you can find on the Roland website about the Juno gi, the only place where I could find them it's in the Juno gi midi implementation document:

MSB: 084
PC: 001-128 (real MIDI numbers 0-127)
For user live sets 001-128

MSB: 084
LSB: 001
PC: 001-128 (real MIDI numbers 0-127)
For user live sets 129-256
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