Ambient Tracks using a single Live Set

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Ambient Tracks using a single Live Set

Postby Gambler » 07:00, 3 November 2015

A mix of self-promotion and demos. Every one of these tracks was recorded on Gi, in real time, using only one Live Set. All the variations in sounds came from knobs, velocity, mod lever, pitch bend and so on. One of them uses an expression pedal (EV-5), some of them used hold pedal, but those are the only non-standard controllers in play. (You can use one of the function knobs for hold if you don't have any pedals.) Only internal effects as well.

Not bad for a rompler, eh? I had it for 3 year, and surprisingly I still keep learning new things about the keyboard. For the price it goes for on Ebay right now, this keyboard is a pretty good deal.

My latest realization was that I can route drums track through insert FX while keeping everything intact. Pretty useful for overdriven, compressed techno sounds.
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