Getting the runaround from Synthonia!

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Getting the runaround from Synthonia!

Postby flyingace » 15:26, 17 May 2016

I purchased a newly advertised Juno Stage sound set from their site two weeks ago, what downloaded was Juno Di patches and the Stage Bonus Cover patches that I already had from a previous order in double.

I contacted them, they sent me the same patches again. So I emailed a very detailed list of what is supposed to come with the package, as advertised on their website, and today I just got an email with all three of the same sets (Juno Di and two zip files of the Bonus patches) but NONE of the Leads or the other Covers that they advertise. :(

Anyone here speak italian and can talk to them on my behalf, I'm wondering if it's a language barrier? ... ads-detail

P.S. Before letting my Jupiter 80 go, I purchased their newly advertised Life on Jupiter Vol.1 pack and it was terribly incomplete, poorly documented... I know, I know... why did I take another chance? ugh.
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Re: Getting the runaround from Synthonia!

Postby Happy » 10:47, 28 December 2016

I don't have any prejudice or discrimination against Italians, but in the past years, I bought so many different kind of Italian products because they looked and were so great design wise, but unfortunately ALL of them had quality issues and an incredible poor or even non-existing after sales (in warranty) support from their agents, distributors and even headquarters in Italy, I can tell long and ridiculous stories and I almost took some of them to court. It basically comes down to that they don't care after you gave them the money. In contrast, seldom experience this with products like from Germany. Perhaps its a culture or attitude issue. Italian products design are great. but to avoid quality/reliability headaches, perhaps better choose something from Germany. ( I am not German)
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