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Postby dnewhous » 19:55, 22 October 2016

Are there any current Roland products with a MIDI Sync connector?
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Re: MIDI Sync

Postby LA Keys » 01:42, 23 October 2016

Midi Sync connector???

Midi sync is done via midi clock with a master and one or more slave devices. There's no such thing as a "midi sync connector", just midi in, out and thru connectors. Every single keyboards I've seen made in the last 10 years (probably more than that actually) have those connectors.

Then having a midi connector doesn't guarantee that it could be a master and a slave. Although most could be slave. Just about every single Roland products can be a midi slave. Many (most) of them could also be set as a midi master. My jupiter 80, Fantom X and Integra-7 could all be a midi master or slave.

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Re: MIDI Sync

Postby Happy » 11:03, 28 December 2016

SBX-1 ?


I have 2 Roland cables from 25 years ago. A Black one with on the plug "MIDI" and a yellow one which says "SYNC" :-) Both are broken but I keep them as relics for fun.
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