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Namm 2017

Postby timbo4000 » 21:00, 14 January 2017

So, any roland rumours going around inrelation to namm 2017 that's next week???
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Re: Namm 2017

Postby cello » 23:22, 14 January 2017

I'd be surprised if there's anything major. Roland have released a lot throughout this year and things are selling well so I suppose they don't need to release anything more just now.

That said, I strongly suspect Roland is working on the next thing, whatever it is, and that will come out when they feel like it.
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Re: Namm 2017

Postby atarens » 22:53, 18 January 2017


new roland?
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Re: Namm 2017

Postby richardbates1 » 01:26, 19 January 2017

Roland just announced Roland Cloud, which I am wrapping my head around.
What I know so far is that Roland will create new virtual instruments plus there plug-outs and have them available on Roland Cloud for $19.99 a month. Sounds very interesting but that is all I know so far.

I signed up for the Roland Cloud where right now there is a virtual piano, a D50 emulator I think? and the plug-outs. They all work on my DAW Logic 9 but I when I try to load the plug-outs...I tried loading the Promars and System 100 to my System8 the process crashed my DAW. Maybe they are not ready for loading them onto the System8????
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Re: Namm 2017

Postby Happy » 03:48, 20 January 2017

Just looked at Roland Cloud. Early bird 19.95/mo, after that 29.95/mo, with a "Storm subscription" for 39.95/mo. No details what the differences are. The System 1 plug-outs are listed and the subscription provides unlimited access to plugin/outs. Does it mean perpetual plug-out software will be gone in the future and you can only load the plug-out to your S1/S8 paying a monthly $29.95 subscription ? Will that subscription mean "stop pay, no play " ? Thus having an System 1/8 plug-out is only owning a box of hardware but to use it you will need the monthly "service | / "subscription" for the plug-outs ? Two years will be $720 while for that you could have all the plug-outs perpetually right now. Perhaps this cloud was created for those who may not be sure to keep the box perpetually and want to sell the box and thus eliminating the current problem of having the license fixed to the box (which created the problem of not being able to transfer the licenses). The cloud could be useful to "try out" plugouts but that could also be done by the - now free - demo versions. Not really sure what Roland is after, but this cloud/subscription based model could be used in wrong / evil (expensive) ways as some other companies do.Soon we might be longing back for the days owning hardware (and software, i.e transferable).

Free NAM2017 subscription:

Watch out though, the creation of the account does not ask for a username but a first and last name, So when you logout, can't login anymore because it asks for a "username" and "Forgot password" email does not seem to work yet.

Edit: Just the email from admin@localhost.local (weird) to change the password. Yes the password, but still you don't have a username. This looks like an amateur developer's work, it absolutely did not get through a quality test-phase but a rush assignment to get it done.

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Re: Namm 2017

Postby CesarsoundOne » 12:57, 20 January 2017

atarens wrote:Image

new roland?

This is the New Stage Piano RD-2000

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Re: Namm 2017

Postby Happy » 15:49, 17 March 2017

Roland finally fixed the Cloud login and reset password function, and Username = your email address.
After I registered I could not download anything, (yes within one month) After contacting Roland Support, they reset some things and after that I could download the software. So a FYI if this happens to you.
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