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Roland 300NX

Postby anniesongs » 03:36, 18 March 2017

So I bought this instrument in 2012 and it's been a lemon. I'm a music director and during one show after intermission, it became out of tune with itself to the point my band couldn't play with me. It sounded like a calliope. I'd play one note and it sounded like three. I turned it off and on and it would self correct for a minute and then go back to wierdly out of tune. I took it to a Roland recommended repair center and after a few hundred dollars I picked it up and went to my next show. Same thing happened. Great during the first half. After intermission it became the demon seed. Luckily there was a cheap electronic piano at the facility that we hooked up during a long monologue. I took it back to the repair shop and spent a couple hundred more dollars on the so called repair. I gave it to my daughter and bought a Kurtzweil for my shows. She later called me and said it sounded out of tune and sure enough, it was doing the calliope weirdness again. So I've invested about two grand on an unplayable instrument. Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone else have a solution?
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