What should I buy?? (Synth players/Industrial Music)

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What should I buy?? (Synth players/Industrial Music)

Postby sonnyangell » 20:37, 23 March 2017


My current setup:
Laptop / Ableton LIVE 9
M-Audio Axiom 61
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
Roland FC-300 Midi foot controller

MY QUESTION: Please give me your suggestions on what board I should look into.
Is there a board where I can create my own sounds, that I can also have tons of presets?
Can I make my own presets in a program like "Omnisphere 2" and load them onto a standalone keyboard?

A month back I posted on this forum asking for a consensus on midi/laptop VS straight keyboard LIVE setups - because I was afraid of something failing during live shows with the laptop/midi setup.

Since I will mostly be going for a synth / industrial / new wave / electronic sound (rammstein, die krupps, depeche mode) I feel I should be looking for a board/workstation that will fit my sound/needs.

With the midi setup I pretty much have endless possibilities, however a higher chance of equipment failure LIVE - But with the standalone keyboard setup I might be limited with my choices but a very LOW chance of failure. I feel as if Ill have maybe 10 or so synth sounds and 6000 piano sounds... and it'll be useless to me

I have been looking at this board and researching it heavily: https://www.roland.com/global/products/fa-06/
This seems like a good instrument for the price.. however I am worried I will be limited in my "synth / industrial" sounds and won't be able to make my own with the ease I have in ableton - I see you can go onto the axial website and download more, but those are limited as well..

And then there's this guy, a full on synth workstation: https://www.roland.com/global/products/jd-xa/

Is Roland the way to go?

Thank you so much for reading!
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Re: What should I buy?? (Synth players/Industrial Music)

Postby kimsnarf » 17:08, 28 March 2017

Roland boards sound nice but not particularly nasty. In a synth (as opposed to software) I would look for sound creation capabilities more than a large sound library. JD-XA could be a good choice. I would look into Dave Smith, which is great for distorted, overdriven, edgy, industrial sounds. But you will probably want more than one synth after a while.
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Re: What should I buy?? (Synth players/Industrial Music)

Postby o carl » 07:41, 9 December 2017

Roland have free sound to download from Roland axial-webbsite, for all model. thats is a really great feature. i like Roland juno ds 88 , its give Everything for a low cost. better is Roland fa-08. Roland analog synth se-02 would give that vince Clark- synth king sound you ask for.
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