Product registration not working... cannot use plug outs!

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Product registration not working... cannot use plug outs!

Postby scrattyrat » 16:25, 8 June 2017


i am having issues with

Once logged in it says the portal is down. It has been for a week now. I need to register my system-1 in order that i can use the plug out sh-101.

On the 'portal down' page there is an option to manually register my product. I have done this, and received an email acknowledging my request to register a product.

However, i have had no confirmation email which the acknowledgement said i would receive in 7 days. And as such i cannot 'activate' the sh-101 vst in order to use the plug out - each attempt says 'no applicable hardware is registered'.

Pretty terrible user experience, ive spent a lot of money and cannot even use the equipment and plug out after spending a lengthy amount of time working through one of the most convoluted and ridiculously complicated setup / registration procedures ive ever seen.

Does anybody know whats going on with Roland accounts, and why its impossible to register a product?!
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