Roland SC88 pro MIDI problem

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Roland SC88 pro MIDI problem

Postby wolflarson84 » 02:56, 4 October 2017


I'm recording into Logic X on mac. I've got my keyboard going into MIDI input A, the Roland SC88 pro midi output going into my Soundcard midi input and the soundcard ouput midi going into SC88 input B.

I can play midi my keyboard and it plays the correct voice (mapSC88, voice 009 celesta),so that's fine. However if I edit the MIDI in Logic then send it back to the Roland SC88 pro via an external midi track, it only plays as a piano sound.

Any idea why I'm not getting the correct voice? If I go back to playing notes on the keyboard, they playback fine, so it's something to do with how the SC88's input B port is receiving the data from my soundcard's midi out. Any ideas?

Thank you!
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