JP-80 owners, Q about aftertouch implementation

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JP-80 owners, Q about aftertouch implementation

Postby zephonic » 22:05, 20 April 2017


Roland 76-key instruments have historically worked well for me, and I'm on the fence about getting a Jupiter 80. However, I can't find some specific info about its aftertouch implementation. Ideally, I'd like it to be freely assignable, but at the very least I'd need to be able to control modulation and with it.
The Owner's Manual doesn't describe aftertouch implementation with any detail, and when I asked Roland about this on FB, they replied:

The Jupiter-80 has several destinations for aftertouch - many of the Supernatural Acoustic tones use this for vibrato (Harmonica, Acoustic Guitars, String tones, etc.). You can also route aftertouch to control the MFX effects. In the Supernatural Synth section, aftertouch can also be routed to control Filter Cutoff and Level parameters.

which leads me to believe that aftertouch is sort of 'hardwired' to predetermined functions, depending on the patch.

Can anybody shed some light on this? Being able to assign aftertouch is kind of important to me. Thanks.
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Re: JP-80 owners, Q about aftertouch implementation

Postby Devnor » 16:47, 21 April 2017

No, AT is not freely assignable to any parameter you want. There is something called "system control" where AT can send MIDI messages but is poorly documented. I'd really have to look at my machine to give more insight. SN-A tones are fully hardwired. I recall playing some lead SN-S tones where AT was controlling pitch modulation.
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Re: JP-80 owners, Q about aftertouch implementation

Postby Dewdman42 » 00:17, 10 May 2017

its one of the disappointments about the JP80 that aftertouch was not implemented very well. The fact that it can't be assigned to modulation is a major disappointment. Some people figured out a way to connect an external box that listens to midi, translates aftertouch into modulation and feeds it back into input... I can't remember the details, search around this forum, but its the only way that I know of to get modulation from aftertouch on the JP80.
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