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OFFICIAL Librarian Request Thread

Postby cello » 17:48, 12 April 2013

Hi everyone - by way of very quick update, it has emerged that Roland Planet and also Roland regional office staff are developing a report to submit to Japan in support of a Jupiter 80 librarian. Roland JP has said that they 'have no plans to develop a librarian'.

The folks writing the report could use our help.

So, please if you would like to see a librarian for your JP-80 please add your support in this thread, with any additional comments you would like to make re why you need one and how valuable it would be.

I am no moderator here but please don't use this thread to debate the topic - it's really more like a poll (which we can't set up here at RC I believe).

The aim of this thread is to have an area that Roland JP can look at. This is our chance to give our direct opinion to Roland JP and it will be read! :)
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Re: OFFICIAL Librarian Request Thread

Postby cello » 18:03, 12 April 2013

Right - I'll kick off then :)

Yes, I want/need a librarian!

Several reasons in support;

1) Adding up v1, v2, Synth Legends, Analogue synths sounds and there is no room for them all, so need some way of 'cherry-picking' to suit our own tastes/needs

2) I have 2 tones left although I have many registrations available

3) The JP-80 was built to perform and create beautiful sounds, but is effectively crippled by having no room to save such new creations

4) The single ROLAND folder structure on the USB is highly restrictive - you can only have one 'active' folder at a time. This means if you do want to load up new sounds, you need multiple instances of the ROLAND folders. To edit the folders, you must use a PC and be VERY organised or risk losing precious sounds

5) To create new spaces for sounds, you have to work up from tone level. Nothing wrong with that per se, however without knowing the relationships between tones/livesets/registrations you don't know what damage you're doing to higher structure sounds until it's too late - unless of course you manually check all 4 tone slots in every liveset - that's around 7,500 checks - for ONE TONE!!! So if I want to create room for 10 new tones and I don't want to damage any existing livesets/registrations I will have to undertake 75,000 manual checks... (and that doesn't include checking if the tones are used in the Registration Percussion/Solo slots).

6) The V-Synth has a librarian as does the Gaia as does even the SH101 - the JP-80 is more expensive than all of those and arguably is more complex!

7) Sound sharing will be much easier through a Librarian. Sharing websites such as my own ( will help popularise the JP-80, build a supportive community and ultimately support sales and reputation.

Roland - you've created a beautiful, sleek, powerful, thoroughbred racing horse that can take anything on in its class - but you've tied its legs! Please cut these ties with a librarian tool and you will see how far we can run with the wonderful Jupiter 80.
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Re: OFFICIAL Librarian Request Thread

Postby Stankh » 18:18, 12 April 2013

I 100% agree.

I have no more tones left.

v2.0 and Analog Synth Collection + only some more : no tones left.
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I know it's may be surprising, an unexpecting problem !!!

But it's really hard to find which sounds to keep/delete ! They all sounds so nice, so gorgeous !

How to know a tones is NOT already in use in another registration ?
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Re: OFFICIAL Librarian Request Thread

Postby Devnor » 18:18, 12 April 2013

Sign me up!
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Re: OFFICIAL Librarian Request Thread

Postby Rocness » 19:38, 12 April 2013

I would simply say to Roland Japan
that we believed you when you said the Jupiter 80 was amazing ,
you where right because it is , now please believe us that we need a editor because we do .
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Re: OFFICIAL Librarian Request Thread

Postby SoundworldA.D. » 21:18, 12 April 2013

Well if the King Korg has got a bloody librarian...
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Re: OFFICIAL Librarian Request Thread

Postby Tom_1970 » 21:39, 12 April 2013

I fully support the wish for a Librarian!
I am organising my patches for the last weeks and it's quite a job.

Another wish I have is an expansion of the iPad editor.
A complete editor would be fine, but only the organ control as seen in the VR-09 editor would be nice.
Arpeggiator possibilities for the Percussion pad would also be a nice addition.
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Re: OFFICIAL Librarian Request Thread

Postby ewanh » 23:09, 12 April 2013

I second all of the comments made on here.
Please give us the finishing touch to an amazing piece of work. To abandon your greatest piece of work after such a great job of design ung such a powerful tool is simply rude.
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Re: OFFICIAL Librarian Request Thread

Postby Dany » 00:59, 13 April 2013

ewanh wrote:
...I second all of the comments made on here.

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Re: OFFICIAL Librarian Request Thread

Postby Dewdman42 » 01:01, 13 April 2013

We need a librarian very badly and it would be an easy add for them to add this functionality to the IOS editor.
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Re: OFFICIAL Librarian Request Thread

Postby tnicoson » 03:33, 13 April 2013

Need to include the Jupiter 50 in this request as it is just as crippled without a librarian as the JP-80. I tried to combine my favorites from the original sound set and the Legends sound set, but just ended up wasting a couple of days work, because I would lose track of which tones went with which Live Sets and which Live Sets went with which Registrations. Finally just gave up in disgust and reloaded the original sound set. The Legends set now lays here going to waste on a USB stick.
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Re: OFFICIAL Librarian Request Thread

Postby RayS » 04:45, 13 April 2013

Desperately need the librarian!! Too many great sounds not to be able to use them as intended. A librarian will also "enhance" further Jupiter 80 sales for new users. It will also confirm their reputation, prove Rolands credibility & customer loyalty to its end users.
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Re: OFFICIAL Librarian Request Thread

Postby kimsnarf » 07:21, 13 April 2013

My understanding is that we need better sound management, not necessarily a librarian. Ideally, most of these issues should be fixed on the synth itself (in a firmware update) to avoid an external (PC/Mac/iPad) tool becoming an essential part of sound management. Updating the synth also avoids locking the management solution to certain platforms (e.g. requiring Windows, OS X or an iPad). In my opinion, an external librarian would be a nice addition but should not be an essential part of the workflow.

These are my wishes for improved sound management:

* When importing sounds, the synth must recognize which live sets and which tones are already stored on the synth and reuse these. This is easy for a program (e.g. using IDs or a checksum) but almost impossible for a user (a LOT of work).
* When attempting to delete registrations, live sets and tones the synth must inform which of these are in use by which other registrations and live sets, to avoid unintentionally breaking other sounds.
* There should be a way to mark multiple registrations, live sets and tones for deletion and get a summary of everything that will be deleted.
* There should be a way to delete all registrations, live sets and tones in one operation. This would free up all slots for user generated content and for importing preferred sounds.
* There should be a way to import and export the whole sound structure (the arrangement of registrations, live sets and tones) without also importing and exporting general settings. The file system should allow multiple files of this kind (like the SVD sound files but unlike the backup files). This would enable a way to easily switch between (and share) performances and theme-based workflows (e.g. analog-style sounds only, organized in banks) without messing up user-specific settings (e.g. MIDI mappings, beep on/off).

Very nice-to-have:
* Parameters related to a performance (e.g. tone split points) should be stored in the performance (registration or live set), not at the tone level. This would avoid duplicating tones just to modify meta information (not related to tone/sound generation).
* When browsing live sets, the synth should inform which registrations use these live sets. When browsing tones, the synth should inform which live sets (and preferably also which registrations) use these tones. This helps the user organize sounds and understand the sound structure.
* The MIDI implementation should allow writing/storing sounds so that this operation can be automated in external tools. This is the main issue blocking the development of an independent librarian.
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Re: OFFICIAL Librarian Request Thread

Postby SepticUnderground » 08:21, 13 April 2013

Yeah we need a librarian for the JP80...

there are too many sounds/sets etc inside and will run out of storage room when used the expansion packs..

Come on its the 21st century already Roland (for 13 years) Do it like a pro

It a shame (really) that a third party coder made an editor for the Integra-7 faster than yourselves. I would be embarrassed as productmanager for the Integra-7/jp80 lineup.

I do love the board and the sounds inside, now we just need a way to manage that so weird?
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Re: OFFICIAL Librarian Request Thread

Postby jabberwocky » 08:54, 13 April 2013

Don't own a Jupiter80 and will never do. But I hate to see this compagny go down in dust :-/

Anyhow, we had a petition for Fantom G also a while ago to solve bugs , do some enhancements in the OS. Zero reaction from Japan. Even though local Roland teams were enthousiast about these efforts , and were confirming bugs :-/ ... some enhancements are offered in the Jupiter80 and not in the FantomG :-/ (Fantom G has a pc librarian and editor though)

Good Luck !
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