Hows the keybed compared to 90's Rolands

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Hows the keybed compared to 90's Rolands

Postby cloudswimmer » 03:57, 24 March 2016

Hey guys,

Been using both a D70 and JD-800 for over 20 years now. About 10 years ago the red glue that holds the weights on under the keys started dissolving and Roland replaced the keybeds on both synths. The keybed action on both are identicle and excellent. So can someone who's owned the older boards comment on the feel and solidity of the Jupiter 80 action in comparison? My D70's backlight went out a long time ago but thats been liveable, but now its pitch bender is making a scraping type sound and feel and thats just unacceptable for soloing, so I'm thinking if the Jupiter 80 has a similar quality keybed as my D70 I may as well get one before they are discontinued. Id be using it primarily to play all my synth and sample VST's on the computers as I do with the D70. I've literally tried every brand of controller keyboard out now including Rolands A-800pro, and the actions on everyone of em are inferior to my old Rolands. I might even check the Jupiters 80's sounds out too for something fresh :)

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Re: Hows the keybed compared to 90's Rolands

Postby sky5031 » 00:27, 12 August 2016

The red glue! Ive repaired 39 keyboards for this red glue problem , even wrote procedure using Awesome cleaner to dissolve the old glue..and then it hit me ,,you only have to clean up the ones that ran..and seal the others from moisture..dah..` If take a hair dryer and just warm the keys up enough to drive the moisture out of the glue and then seal the area around the weight with good clear nail polish it will seal the glue from getting moisture and running..tried it ,,it works...Anyone that has a JX, JV, JD, XP should do this seal procedure soon to avoid this running glue problem later...Sky5031
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Re: Hows the keybed compared to 90's Rolands

Postby middle c » 22:12, 11 September 2016

Very good tip sky5031!
My XP30 is my favorite keyboard to play and the one I always go back to or use to control my Fantom G8 (mainly organs and synths for aftertouch) do to its great feel and response. "So I just seal the existing weights with clear nail polish and let dry"? I live in an area that has low humidity and bought the keyboard new. How about the V Synth? (2003).
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Re: Hows the keybed compared to 90's Rolands

Postby mikep » 15:43, 1 February 2017

I think you would love the keybed on the JP80 cloudswimmer. Over the years I've had a JX3P, JX10, S50, U20, D70, JD800, Juno Stage, FA08, and now the JP80. My past favorite action was the D70. The JP80 reminds me a bit of the D70, but I think I like the JP80 even better. It may be the best feeling diving board keyboard I've played. Of course action and feel is subjective, but that's my opinion.
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Re: Hows the keybed compared to 90's Rolands

Postby spottingjonah » 00:41, 5 February 2017

IMHO, I agree with mikep. Easily the best semi-weighted keybed I've ever played. Much quieter than my Kronos 2, and easily better than anything new in stores right now. The keys are strong, the action is perfect, the aftertouch is responsive. The JP-80 represents all that made Roland great with their Pro line of keys. Great build quality, great sounds, and a great keybed.

That said, the JP-80 is the ONLY semi-weighted / non-weighted Roland keyboard that embodies this. Most of their new stuff these days is pretty chintzy. Bought my son the DS-61 for Christmas and was blown away that the keybed wasn't even perfectly level across the keys. Checked the demo unit at GC... same issue. Point: The JP-80 was engineered by a different Roland, and may likely be the last of its' breed. Buy one with confidence.

Hope that helps! YMMV...
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Re: Hows the keybed compared to 90's Rolands

Postby 0kk0p3kk4 » 20:24, 5 February 2017

Sorry for kind of off-topic, but just some thoughts..
Xp-50=tight but lightweight
Fantom g6=tight and steady
Fa-06=plasticlike and lightweight
Jp80=tight and steady
Kronos 61 2011=tight and steady, best that I know of.
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