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The amazing Jupiter-80

Postby kimsnarf » 18:05, 5 October 2016

I am still amazed by the Jupiter-80. It is such a pleasure to play. The interface is so fast and intuitive. The build and feel is about the best out there. It feels like an instrument, not a computer, not a sound tool, not a toy. I prefer more knobby synths when experimenting with sound or going vintage, but when I just want to sit down and play then nothing beats the Jupiter-80. On the knobby synths I really miss the touch screen and the multitude of buttons and shortcuts to getting the sound I want. And the ability to split and layer and turn on/off. It is such a great and simple design. Everything Roland has made since, cool as it is, feels like a downgrade.

So I've stuck with the Jupiter-80. I've upgraded it with an Integra-7 and a JP-08. Basically to get more varied waveforms (and acoustic models) and a richer analog sound. When Roland releases new stuff I think in terms of whether it would enhance the Jupiter-80 experience. I wish Roland would build more on that. The Jupiter-80 is such a great basis. It should have been the platform for which other modules were released. Kind of like the Aira mindset, just higher quality, more premium. I wonder when Roland will revisit the Jupiter line and what form it will take. Until then I'm having fun trying out different enhancements myself.
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Re: The amazing Jupiter-80

Postby LivingEdge » 17:13, 7 October 2016

I have Jupiter-80 sounds on the FA-08... I like them.
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Re: The amazing Jupiter-80

Postby Rodan » 01:34, 8 October 2016

Yes, what is it about this keyboard? I have several different boards, and yet when I sit down to play, it is almost always the first one I turn on, and often once I start playing, it is the only one I turn on. It just draws you in and you can get lost in it.
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