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single part play

Postby 0kk0p3kk4 » 08:26, 13 October 2016

Is it so that into the single part play itself, you cant save anything?

Like its always the upper part first with piano, strings on lower, drums on perc and cant remember was it some lead on upper?

If so, it is a shame, since this is the only mode/thing(?) where you can with one finger use one button to activate one part, de-selecting other parts at the same time?

and why so? this in my sense would provide the ultimate smooth sound transition. Like you could have some basic simple sounds on perc and solo, then the complex sounds on upper/lower and all transitions would be perfect.

Any thoughts/workarounds?
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Re: single part play

Postby Devnor » 14:39, 13 October 2016

What I have found is while in single part play, all other parts from the active registration are available via MIDI. Single part play was added in the very beginning because many people were confused by the registration layer. This feature basically dumbed down the Jupiter. You can't save single part as a registration - you just turn off the other parts you don't want to use. But if you are using single part and have edited the live set, then you can save the edit as a live set.

For as transitions, you can transition a single part within a registration by selecting the part then making the change. Leaving the other 3 parts of the active registration intact.
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