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loading sounds from usb

Postby Johnnyfingers01 » 21:24, 29 November 2016

Hi all, just got a Jupiter 80 and downloaded Life from Jupiter from Synthonia. The problem I'm having is
I load up the file onto a formatted USB stick and when I try to import that file on the Jupiter 80 it does not show up. it's like there is no file to import? Anyone else know how to load the files? Do I have to restore instead of Import? Thanks, Any help would be great! Love the key bed and sound of the Jupiter 80 so much.

Update: I figured out that I needed the Roland folder at the root level for the Jupiter 80 to read it. Thanks.
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Re: loading sounds from usb

Postby LA Keys » 08:25, 30 November 2016

Glad you figure it out :)

The sounds you bought are great but just in case you don't know there's some free sounds available on the axial website of Roland: http://axial.roland.com/

And also on the "Repository of sounds for Roland keyboards" which I belive is maintained by Cello from this forum (correct me if I'm wrong): http://www.jp-80.com/

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