JP80 great sound - compare Integra

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JP80 great sound - compare Integra

Postby Lasseman » 11:17, 18 December 2016

Hi, I'am a new JP80 owner, great sound & powerful.

In my ear JP80 has warmer and more natural sound then Korg and Virus that I also had earlier.

The Supernatural Acoustic is impressive, possibility to play Flamenco Guitar so it sound like guitar and the synth capabilities is good.

Since I already had Fantom G6, I chose between Integra and JP80, but it is more problematic to manage sound on JP80 then I thought because of lack of Librarian, but on Roland support page it seems they only have a Integra Librarian for Mac, is it really so they do not have it for PC ?

What is your opinion JP80 compared to Integra, sound quality, effects, editing and Librarian ?
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