JP80 great sound - compare Integra

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JP80 great sound - compare Integra

Postby Lasseman » 11:17, 18 December 2016

Hi, I'am a new JP80 owner, great sound & powerful.

In my ear JP80 has warmer and more natural sound then Korg and Virus that I also had earlier.

The Supernatural Acoustic is impressive, possibility to play Flamenco Guitar so it sound like guitar and the synth capabilities is good.

Since I already had Fantom G6, I chose between Integra and JP80, but it is more problematic to manage sound on JP80 then I thought because of lack of Librarian, but on Roland support page it seems they only have a Integra Librarian for Mac, is it really so they do not have it for PC ?

What is your opinion JP80 compared to Integra, sound quality, effects, editing and Librarian ?
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Re: JP80 great sound - compare Integra

Postby kimsnarf » 14:54, 10 February 2017

The sound quality is quite similar, so it is really down to workflow. The Jupiter-80 is perfect for performing, playing and enjoying the instrument. The Integra-7 is perfect for scoring, composing and controlling it from a sequencer. It also works great as a sound expansion (and multi-timbral expansion) to the Jupiter-80. :)
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Re: JP80 great sound - compare Integra

Postby moogmaniac » 18:12, 18 February 2017

The ideal companion for the JP-80 is the Korg Kronos. The JP sounds are detailed and often closer to single instruments. The Kronos is much bigger and it is like the Kronos gives you the orchestra, the JP the individual section or soloist.

A good example is Brass. The JPs brass is mostly monophonic, the Kronos polyphonic.

They are both excellent instruments.
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