Strange Issue with Erhu Fantasy &Erhu Fantasy 2

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Strange Issue with Erhu Fantasy &Erhu Fantasy 2

Postby Ralph1983 » 22:12, 29 January 2017

Hi guys,

i noticed that sometimes when i want to play the erhu fantasy and erchu fantasy 2 i don't hear any sound from the solo part - i checked everything, it's happen only on that two regristation patches. Even when i change the solo isntrument erchu to the another (for an example piano, or flute) - i don't hear nothing. I Was thinking maby it's the issue with the erchu sound.. so i change to the ErHu/Strings and in this case erchu sound work fine i can normaly play it and i hear it.
This issue is random, sometime when i play to lonng with my jupiter and changig the registration presets. Do you have the same issue??. In my case turning on/off is the only way to make my jupiter work fine.
I have jupiter 80 v 2.0 system 2.10
I hope that this is not harware issue ;-((

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