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Controlling synth features from PC

PostPosted: 10:18, 23 March 2017
by Smee
Hey guys, sorry I'm not sure how to word this, hopefully you'll get my drift.

I want to control the synth tone features from an external MIDI controller (Akai MPD218), mainly the cutoff, res, adsr etc.

Plugging in the Akia directly to the Jp80 USB port powers up the unit, but it doesn't look to send any MIDI controller info.

The next option that kinda works is to use my DAW (Reaper) and set a track on MIDI Record monitor, then set the MIDI input from the Akai and the output to the Jupiter. This only sends note information from the pads, nothing the control knobs. I have tried all manner of combinations of MIDI channel send from the DAW and the Akai, the Jp80 doesn't respond to anything other than notes.

So I can play notes via the Akai pads, but not move any of the synth controls with the knobs.

I'm presuming you can't edit registration layers like this with MIDI, but even on single instruments I'm having no luck.

Can anyone help?

Re: Controlling synth features from PC

PostPosted: 16:15, 24 March 2017
by Devnor
Jupiter cannot receive midi data from a controller plugged into the USB port.

From Reaper, you need to send control change commands. See the appendix of the owners manual for the adjustable parameters and their CC #s.

Re: Controlling synth features from PC

PostPosted: 20:50, 30 March 2017
by Smee
Thanks Devnor. I've advanced to getting the Tone Blender to work via MIDI control. Can you tell me the CC to control, for instance, the cutoff filter for partial 1 in a tone? Thats all I really want to do, have physical control over the cutoff, res, adsr etc like a real synth.