Install Sounds to Logic Pro X using Midi Cable??

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Install Sounds to Logic Pro X using Midi Cable??

Postby euphorion wave » 23:20, 31 March 2017

I am working with a MacBook Pro on macOS 10.12. I am using Logic Pro X 10.3.1.

I just got the Roland MK1 midi cable, installed the midi driver, and flipped the switch to comp. However, when I started to record onto Logic Pro X, the synthesizer I played the notes on my Jupiter 80 rendered into a regular piano on Logic Pro X. There has to be a way to send the sounds over to Logic so that I can record in that sound and have it render that same sound on my mac and be able to edit the notes and whatnot. I am just so dumbfounded and lost, I've looked everywhere on how to do this but never got any help. Can someone please help me out?
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Re: Install Sounds to Logic Pro X using Midi Cable??

Postby kimsnarf » 05:55, 2 April 2017

The synth only sends the notes, not the chosen sound. You must specify in Logic that the notes are sent back to the synth. Also you have to configure which "patch" (sound) to use in Logic when playing back those notes on the synth.

Basically you must set up the synth as an instrument in Logic, with the correct "program change". This is roughly the same procedure for every synth, but the Jupiter is a bit more complex. I usually choose a registration (MIDI channel 16) and record/play the 4 parts individually (channels 1-4). I don't use Logic, but tutorials should help you set this up.
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