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JP-80 Keybed verses...

Postby spottingjonah » 05:13, 9 September 2017

Has anyone compared the JP-80's keybed to other comparable synths and commented? Obviously the JP-80's keybed is pretty amazing. How does it compare to the new Yamaha Montage.

- Compared to my Kronos2 61, the JP-80 is noticeably better, although the Kronos isn't bad.

- Compared to the Prophet Rev2, again the JP-80 is better, although the Rev2 is easily one of the best feeling keybeds I've felt on a DSI synth.

- I've compared it with vintage gear over time, including a D-50, a DX-7, an ESQ-1, etc... The JP-80 just has a fantastic keybed.

Anyone else care to comment?
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Re: JP-80 Keybed verses...

Postby JeffB63 » 14:58, 9 September 2017

I have a Jupiter 80 and a Montage 6 in my live rig.

I prefer the Jupiter 80 to the Montage overall but I don't perceive a great deal of difference between them.

If anything the Montage action is very slightly lighter but I prefer it's aftertouch.
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Re: JP-80 Keybed verses...

Postby musicsound » 09:42, 26 September 2017

The keybed of the J80 is really great and one of the reasons I will keep this instrument for a long time.
Much better than my Kronos 61 or my Prophet 12
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Re: JP-80 Keybed verses...

Postby SoundReverend » 10:26, 14 October 2017

I just got my Jupiter 80 and I must say the keybed is amazing, very nice feel to it and you can control the velocity perfectly. I own the Prophet12 and don't like that keyboard so much, it has the "sticky key" problem when you don't use it for a day or so and makes noises when you move the black keys slightly to the sides. My favourite keybed was the DX7II - although it has a limited velocity range - but it just plays soo nice. The JP-80 build quality reminds me of the 80s keyboards like the Jupiter 6/Juno 60, (of course no velocity) although +30 years old they still work flawlessly, hope this one stays the same...
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