Jupiter 80 Memory Organization - Total Confusion

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Jupiter 80 Memory Organization - Total Confusion

Postby SoundReverend » 11:09, 13 October 2017

Dear JP80 Users.

I bought a Jupiter 80 a few days ago, seems they are getting rid of their stock as the price was unbelievable, a rediculous 1399 Euros! Brand new and V2.

On a sitenote I actually wanted to buy a System 8 (I know, not comparable) but then saw the Jupiter-80 which has been on my list for a while. Something else that turned me off was that the System 8 has a really crappy build quality, all that plastic, just does not feel right. I do like the sound and one-knob-per-function setup, hope they will produce a better model at some point.

Oh and the keybed of the JP80 is really, really nice, reminds me a little of the DX7II.

But now to my question:

I did some RTFM but do not quite understand the memory setup and how you guys handle it.

So you have 256 Registrations, 2560 Live Sets but only 2048 Tones? If you load a Refill from the Axial page almost all tones are filled, basically I was only able to load 2 of them, so I would have to delete any of the originals to free up some space? When you delete a Live Set I assume the corresponding Tones will not be deleted, same for Registrations, so I need to manually sort out which Tones are not needed?!? And there is no way I can see which Tone is used in which Registration? If you edit a Registration incl. Live Sets and Tones you need to save all 3 as well? As you can see by all the question marks this is very confusing to me.

How can I get a nice setup to start with, that provides my favourite sounds plus space for own creations??

So far my approach would be:

Write down all sounds that I like
Export them into one file
Start with a fresh and empty JP80 with the help of Cellos Restore file (great site, thanks Cello!!)
Import only the sounds that I want
Same for all the Refills.

But then I probably will be missing all other Tones that are in there...aaaaaargh :-)

Any suggestions? Is there something I overlooked and an easier way to do this?

And I don't even mention Librararian as In know there never will be one...

Thank you all

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Re: Jupiter 80 Memory Organization - Total Confusion

Postby Devnor » 14:44, 13 October 2017

You basically have it right. Search thru some threads here for more info.

Great price on that JU80. We can't get them in the US for that price.
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