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Re: Discontinued

Postby moogmaniac » 17:35, 23 December 2017

Compared to the Kronos, Rolands support for the Jupiter 80 has been miserable. The first Kronos came out about the same time as the JP-80. It came with a full editor and librarian, more to the point, Korg are still supporting it today, for free. That original Kronos is, today, running a much updated operating system, incorporating many user requests, and sounds the same as the latest version in the shops.

By comparisson and despite great demand, Roland have never released a librarian for the JP-80 which is the one thing it is crying out for. The only real O/S upgrade they released - upgrade to O/S 2, was a great upgrade, adding parallel effects routings and extra filter types.After that they seem to have washed their hands of it.

It is a crying shame. The JP-80 is a magnificent instrument and deserved much greater success. I think Rolands reluctance to support it has certainly coloured my opinion of the company. I will not be buying another flagship synth from them.

Still, I love my JP-80 and it brings me great pleasure when using it. It sits adjacent to my Kronos and they are both great instruments.
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Re: Discontinued

Postby kimsnarf » 08:53, 26 December 2017

moogmaniac wrote:Compared to the Kronos, Rolands support for the Jupiter 80 has been miserable.

Indeed. Roland's lack of support is legendary! On the other hand, all their products are unique. Their contraptions keep their coolness and resale value, unlike the Korg and Yamaha regurgitations. Expect a Montage 2 in a year or two, and a halving of the Montage 1 used price. Kronos is on a similar trajectory.

The lack of a librarian (and even the lack of a MIDI implementation to support a librarian) is the big, black eye on the otherwise polished Jupiter-80. All we have are time-consuming work-arounds. Only Roland could solve this properly and they won't. For those of us who enjoy the presets on this machine, and who prefer to play this synth rather than program it, this is inconvenient, to put it mildly.
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Re: Discontinued

Postby Mike-pol » 18:36, 20 January 2018

If anyone is seriously interested - I have one Jupiter-80 for sale, excellent condition in original box - you can write to me direcetly at: dali11@o2.pl
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