Tr-808 "mint" for €1460 ($1750)... suspicious?

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Tr-808 "mint" for €1460 ($1750)... suspicious?

Postby tomatoKetchup » 20:59, 29 August 2017

Hi all,

Just came across this listing on ebay:

The guy is selling a supposedly mint condition TR-808 for €1460 ($1750). Quite suspicious isn't it?

Here's a little conversation I had with him over ebay messages:

Has it been recently serviced?

is in excellent conditions
no problem
will be shipped to you from Italy for free
of course after the payment is made to me through bank transfer

Can I just ask you why you're selling it for €1450 when most other tr-808 on ebay go for at least €3500?
Sorry to sound suspicious but you have to understand me, that's an unusual price for it. I'm really interested so that's why I wanna find out more. Would you be able to provide more photos of the unit?

you can see the photo on ebay
and if you want to pay me more will be great , will be no problem for me
check my ebay feedback , isnt enough for you ?
if not , then please do not waste my time

Listen, if you wanna get a chance to sell it, you'll want to be more cooperative. Other people are gonna be suspicious, and if your answer to asking for more pictures is "do not waste my time", you're gonna have a hard time convincing that you're an honest seller. The picture you show on your ad seems quite "stock picture easily found on internet" to me. All I want is that you provide more pictures of the same object from different angles so that you prove to me that you own this item indeed, and then I'll consider buying it of you.
If you don't wanna do that, then best of luck in selling it.

why i should send you more photos ??? when you do not believe that i have the synth for sale ???

What do you think? Do you smell a scam like me?
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Re: Tr-808 "mint" for €1460 ($1750)... suspicious?

Postby Bodde » 08:37, 13 September 2017

What an arrogant m*ron. Ad has been removed.
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