RolandKR4500 Motherboard

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RolandKR4500 Motherboard

Postby jazbro » 21:28, 16 November 2015

Hi To start with I Hope you all have a very good Christmas and a happy new year.. I have a problem and need some help, been asked to restore a KR4500.. I have all the circuit diagrams and service sheets etc , my question is I have no way of telling which plated through holes are which, or if I need to bridge through to join up.. There is a little electrolyte damage just above i/c39 op amp,,, and between i/c39 and i/c41 the comparator.. There is also some damage from caps near the digital input's near the no 1 connector..I shall replace all the electrolytic's and the two i/c's 39 and 41 very close to the holes in question.. Any help I can get will be very much appreciated.. Regards Jazbro
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