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Roland dj 70 floppy

Postby Fido » 22:03, 5 December 2015

i have a roland dj 70
i record a sample from input audio
i go to disk i select SAVE menu i save and all it s ok.
show me the COMPLETE operation
When i go to load the sample i select target SAMPLE and i select the file in the menu i try to load and it start but after 2 seconds ask me for disk n 2.
I record a small sample that need a 1 disk.
I use 1,44 disk imation.
I don te know what happen, i can t load nothing of that i sampled.
I will buy a floppy in eBay with the patch and i try this.
But now my sampling nothing, i can't understand.
I read the manual and follow it and nothing.
Help me please
Thanx and sorry for my english.
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