JP 8080 + Indigo 2 + MPC 1000

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JP 8080 + Indigo 2 + MPC 1000

Postby SkullRokit » 20:52, 19 March 2016

I want arpeggio's to be controlled/recorded, so I'd be using the 8080's Remote KBD In, as opposed to the regular MIDI In socket?

The Indigo 2 Virus is 16-part timbral with MIDI In/Out & Thru.

The MPC 1000 has 2x MIDI In & 2x MIDI Out

What I want to do is use the MPC to MIDI sequence my Indigo 2 & JP 8080, with the 8080 arp sequence on it's separate MPC track.

The Indigo 2 will be the keyboard for the JP 8080.

- I want the 8080's sequence that I play using the Indigo 2's keys, to be MIDI sequenced on it's own track on the MPC (let's say Track 8)

I've only used the Indigo 2 with the MPC before, so adding another piece to the setup has confused me. I don't know how to hook this up.

I want it so that the 8080's arp pattern will be on it's own MPC track, while the other tracks are the Indigo 2.

Do I leave the JP 8080's MIDI Out socket disconnected? Would this routing below work?

- Indigo 2 send & receive transmit on all channels
- JP 8080 patch transmitting on MIDI Ch.8
- MPC 1000 current track set to MIDI Ch.8
- MPC MIDI Out A -------> Indigo 2 MIDI In
- MPC MIDI In 1 ---------> Indigo 2 MIDI Out
- Indigo 2 MIDI Thru ---> JP 8080 Remote KBD In

Example of setup that I'm shooting for:

mpc kick-track 1
mpc snare-track 2
mpc hat -track 3
mpc tom-track 4
mpc sample-track 5
indigo bass-track 6
indigo lead-track 7
8080 arp -track 8
indigo pad - track 9
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