Lost Sounds XP 50

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Lost Sounds XP 50

Postby Mikeee5 » 11:20, 26 January 2017

Hi Everyone. I have lost the sounds on my XP 50, they started to distort and then they finally disappeared. Does anyone know of a common fix? I have recently changed the battery but it is saying the battery is low on start up. I have also carried out the lost screen fix and sent the keyboard back to factory settings as it was saying internal memory damage also on start up.


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Re: Lost Sounds XP 50

Postby Subtox » 20:29, 5 March 2017

I am having the same issue with my XP-50. Some people have had luck replacing the capacitors on the mainboard. There is a conversation how about this as well as some common LCD issues at viewtopic.php?f=50&t=33500&start=165

There are some pretty knowledgeable people chiming in, so maybe you will get some good advice there.

I myself have tried and failed so far but am waiting for anyone to read my (insanely long) post on that thread about the mess I've made of mine haha.

Good luck!
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