How I fixed my SH-2 multiple triggering key

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How I fixed my SH-2 multiple triggering key

Postby zedius » 22:06, 14 December 2012

I had an E on my SH-2 keyboard triggering multiple times per press so I took the keyboard apart and had a look. After playing with the metal key contacts underneath the key, it seemed that they were working just fine (manually touching them to the metal "bars" beneath the keys caused a solid note to sound). It occurred to me that the rubber bushing on the bottom of the key had perhaps shrunk over time. Pressing the key causes the metal key contacts to touch the bars (presumably CV and gate) but only very lightly. This leaves them open for bouncing or poor contact even when the key is fully depressed.

To fix this, I removed the rubber bushing (mine was friction fit - no glue) and wadded just a very small bit of paper in the bottom of the hole to supply a bit of extra distance for the rubber bushing. This way it makes contact with the metal key contacts sooner and holds them to the bars with more pressure.

This was a super simple fix, though I would advise anyone attempting this to be gentle with the keyboard. the key contacts on the underside are somewhat fragile so you don't want to accidentally bump them hard while working on this.

I've included a horrible microsoft paint diagram below:

Key diagram SH-2
key.JPG (52.88 KiB) Viewed 407 times

I haven't seen much about repairing old Roland CV keyboards on the internet, so I wanted to post about this briefly. I'm willing to bet there's a better way to do it, and would appreciate some tips myself, but this may be useful to somebody anyhow :)
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