Alpha Juno... yup, I got one.

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Alpha Juno... yup, I got one.

Postby thunderkyss » 05:18, 20 June 2014

Well, I just bought one on eBay... should be here in a few days. Pretty durn excited.


Messing around on youtube a while back I came across this video & thought... that's nice.

Later I got into listening to early '80s Disco Funk... more & more. Then one day I decided it was time to get a synth to make those sounds. Something a little more specific than the Fantom; I own a Fantom-S & a Fantom X8.

So for the last few weeks I've been looking at Nord Leads, Access Viruses, & DSI's Prophets. Checking them out on youtube, I couldn't find any videos where people were making the sounds I wanted to hear. Thought I was going to have to buy a Little Phatty. But the Moog's are a little too specific.

I know that being a synth as capable as those were, I should be able to program the sound I want, but... a Nord doesn't sound like a Virus & neither sound like a DSI Prophet, so that line of thinking wasn't really tracking with me. I'd have hated to spend that kind of money to get something that was "close" to what I wanted. So after thinking it through I decided, screw it, I'll just get a Juno.

So I'm on the bay looking for Juno 106es... I've got to have midi. While there were a few, I also came across a few Alpha Junos, did a bit of research & settled on an Alpha Juno 1. I liked the 49 key model because space is limited, I was looking at the desktop models of the above mentioned synths (primarily). I know it's not velocity/aftertouch sensitive, but I'll be playing primarily from the Fantom-S keyboard.

I'm not too worried about the lack of knobs & sliders, I never had a problem menu diving & the sounds I'm interested in aren't reliant on filter sweeps & the like.

Anyway, can't wait.
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Re: Alpha Juno... yup, I got one.

Postby JunoJohn » 21:59, 20 June 2014

Congratulations on your purchase!

BTW, you can control velocity on the JU-1 with an EV-5 pedal. It's a rather obscure feature, but might be useful.
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