JX10 problem. Can anyone help?

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JX10 problem. Can anyone help?

Postby gaztech46 » 20:47, 29 June 2014

Please Help!

I changed the backup battery on my JX10 and now it's lost all it's factory presets. I added a couple of wires from a 3v PSU across the terminals whilst I was changing it but some idiot where I work turned the PSU off whilst I was distracted answering the phone! The main issue is that I don't have a memory cart. Is there any way to get the factory settings back without the cart?

If so, hopefully someone can explain. I have the service manual but according to that it seems that there is no factory reset!

If I can get a cart, are there any readers here in the UK who could dump the factory banks onto my card so that I can reload the synth?

There must be someone out there....

Here's hoping. Thanks in advance!
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