JX10 V3.03 Upgrade

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JX10 V3.03 Upgrade

Postby Quavermass » 15:53, 11 November 2014

The V3.03 software for the JX10 (and MKS-70) is out now...improvements include..

Full Midi spec including Midi CC control of all parameters.
JX10 no longer needs M64C cart for sysex dump/load.
C1/C2 sliders can control ANY parameter in normal Patch play mode.
C1/C2 sliders edit Upper/Lower parameters in Tone Edit mode.
Midi clockable Arpeggiator for JX10 (replaces sequencer) with usual UP/DOWN/RANDOM modes.
Midi parameters are now ON/SEND ONLY/REC ONLY/OFF for more flexibilty.

Loads more tweaks and fixes in there and all new software wriiten from scratch by Fred Vecoven, check out his home page here http://www.vecoven.com/superjx/superjx.html

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