MKS50 as external device in Ableton Live midi problem

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MKS50 as external device in Ableton Live midi problem

Postby Kid Blast » 10:26, 10 May 2015

I am running Ableton Live 9.1.8 on a Macbook Pro with OS X 10.9.5, 2.8GHz and 16GB ram.

My MIDI chain is as follows:-

• MOTU out>Komplete Kontrol S61 kbd in
• Komplete Kontrol S61 kbd out>TR8 in
• TR8out>TB3 in
• TB3 out>midi merge 1 in A
• PG300>midi merge 1 in B
• Midi merge 1 out AB 1>Roland MKS50 in
• Roland MKS50 out>MOTU in

I have the MKS50 set up as an external device with the audio running out of it into the MOTU Ultralite.

The Komplete Kontrol S61 kbd transmits midi to and from Ableton Live fine, but it doesn’t seem to transmit it to the MKS50. Neither does the TR8. However the TB3 does.

Is there something I am missing here, which would make the keyboard transmit midi to the MKS50?
Kid Blast
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Re: MKS50 as external device in Ableton Live midi problem

Postby JunoJohn » 02:19, 11 May 2015

My first thought is that you have a very long MIDI chain leading to the MKS-50. Three devices is usually considered the limit.

Out from your keyboard, I count TR-8 (1) - TB-3 (2) - MIDI merge (3) - MKS-50 (4).

And, out from your MOTU interface, the MKS-50 would be the fifth device.

(Personally, I wouldn't even trust three devices to work. I'd stick to two if possible.)

A second idea is that the TB-3 might not be retransmitting MIDI.

I'd suggest you experiment by removing the merge and connecting the MKS-50 directly to the TB-3. Also try removing the TB-3 and connecting the TR-8 directly to the MKS-50.

I don't think this is a specifically MKS-50 problem.

BTW, did you know that the PG-300 has a built-in MIDI merge?
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