Are recordings on jx-305 considered production ready?

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Are recordings on jx-305 considered production ready?

Postby ruleland » 02:19, 14 September 2015

After recording a whole song on a jx-305 groovesynth, with bass, drums/beat, high hat, leads, strings/pads etc, on separate tracks, is it recommended to use the jx-305 as a full-house mixing device, or is it more common to just record drafts or sketches on it, then move the idea into a DAW?

I was thinking that on a keyboard like the motif or kronos you definitely have production ready tools onboard correct, no actual need for a DAW? But given the jx-305 is a little bit older and less sophisticated is it not recommended to create finished songs on it to go directly on cd or itunes? Like how far would you go with the jx-305 from recording to mastering, to publishing, is it good in its own right for this?

If not, what steps would you complete on the jx-305, vs on another device or DAW?
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