Juno 1/2 and MKS-50 SYSEX Finger in the nose style

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Juno 1/2 and MKS-50 SYSEX Finger in the nose style

Postby lol » 10:33, 25 September 2015


I just made a nice discovery about these synths, maybe it's not new to you, Roland provided a complete SYSEX map in good shape ready to use without any fastidious work, in the emulated PG-300 Edirol PCR series master keyboard parameter preset,

resulting in a functional map. You can use the PCR editor V2 software by Roland to see exactly how it's mapped on the PCR series, and export parameters list,

or use the SYSEX parameters map in your controller directly.

Current presets are located on Roland Japan site (other Roland sites have the same files but with missing parameters list on some synths), check the box and hit the download button at the bottom of the page http://www.roland.co.jp/support/by_prod ... /21595227/

Have fun compiling your own SYSEX map for the synth!
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