Juno 6 VCF issue

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Juno 6 VCF issue

Postby auto64 » 22:30, 26 September 2015

Just wanting to get your thoughts..

I have a Juno 6 where the VCF sliders play back something that sounds like a random highspeed LFO whenever they are moved.. once you stop moving it, its back to normal..

You reckon this is a filter chip failing?
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Re: Juno 6 VCF issue

Postby rcraven » 03:27, 21 April 2016

this is likely to be the wiper on the slider lifting as it goes over a bit of dirt.
This causes random contact with the slider carbon track.

Move the control rapidly back and forth to try and clean it.
If you are felling brave, you might like to spray a little electronic contact cleaner in the slot and then work it again.
This usually does the trick.

All the best
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