Roland Alpha Juno 1 'check battery' message.

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Roland Alpha Juno 1 'check battery' message.

Postby ginseng » 12:37, 20 November 2015

Hi, new to forum.

I've got a juno 1 and it displays a 'check battery' message on power up. The guy I bought it off said he had changed the battery but it's still displaying this. I thought he might have been fibbing but decided to buy it anyway.

On doing a bit of research online, I've actually seen some info that says the display can still show 'check battery' even if the battery has been changed, so it's possible he might have been right, but I don't know for sure. This apparently can be rectified by initializing the RAM with a procedure. My question is, will this just eradicate the 'check battery' message but leave everything else intact?

The keyboard has both ROM and memory patches, some of which are excellent, and I don't really want to loose them. Are the ROM sounds also stored by the battery or are these stored by other means. It's not a disaster if the memory sounds go as I like programming, but I don't want to loose the ROM sounds. Just want to know what will happen before I attempt it.

If the battery hasn't in fact been changed, what will happen to all the sounds if I do have it changed. I've read that you need to save the sounds to computer and then reload them. Is this the case for just the 'memory' patches or are all the ROM sounds lost as well if you take out the battery.

Appreciate any experienced advice,

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Re: Roland Alpha Juno 1 'check battery' message.

Postby ginseng » 14:40, 23 November 2015

Problem resolved. I went ahead and performed the RAM initialization procedure and the message is now gone, so the battery must have been changed after all. For anyone else who may encounter this problem the procedure is:

1. Turn on the synth.
2. Set the memory protect switch on the back of the keyboard to the off position.
3. Turn off the synth.
4. Press and hold the portamento and data transfer buttons and turn the synth on.
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