Upgrade from JX-305

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Upgrade from JX-305

Postby jv1010midi » 04:32, 16 June 2016

What would be a good modern upgrade from the jx-305, that provides superior sound quality, and has an easier to work with sequencer? Must be some keyboard/s that'd be a 'definite' improvement, except for see below:

I think I'm gonna have to sacrifice the 305's pro build quality, and the solid keyboard which is a bit of a bummer, but I think sound is more important, but there are so many, and I don't trust all of them. Some of them which sound good don't have a sequencer, such as king korg, whereas others like yamaha mox probably sounds great but am a bit concerned with its build quality, but am flexible if it's worth it.

Oh, forgot to say, piano is very important, as the jx 'kind' of has piano but pretty uninspired, so that's part of the reason i thought a modern upgrade would be worthwhile. So think a jx-305ish synth with much better piano and better sequencer, without sacrificing on pads and strings which the jx does pretty well. Any advice?

Korg m3, perhaps, but all i've heard of it doesn't seem to do it somehow. Also thought of the original motif which has dropped in price, but not so sure, just thought others input might thus be helpful.

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