Connecting Roland MC 303 with MidiQuest

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Connecting Roland MC 303 with MidiQuest

Postby dnogvi » 18:33, 10 June 2011

I was looking to edit/change order of the RPS sets on the MC 303, the only solution I found was a software called MIDI QUEST, but I dont really know how to connect the midi/USB interfase and make the software run and get the MC 303 options so I can later modify them, any ideas or help?

Thanks, dani
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Re: Connecting Roland MC 303 with MidiQuest

Postby nonlin » 22:33, 24 December 2012

MidiQuest is both a very powerfull and very tricky application to use. But well worth it. It took my hours to get just the basic down and I still don't know how to explain how to use it. This is more of something I would need to show someone how to use rather then explain in a forum. If you are still in need of help then let me know, maybe we can work something out.

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