Detroit Sound on MC 303

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Detroit Sound on MC 303

Postby Robotron » 13:54, 22 March 2013

Hello, i hope anybody can help me... I wanna make some Detroit Sound on my old MC 303, but i dont know how to create the typical synthline. Like this at the beginning:

What intrument or sound is this?

Sorry for my beginner english..
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Re: Detroit Sound on MC 303

Postby Marco Koeller » 23:24, 26 April 2015

I recognized that your post i "a little bit" older, but i think i can hep you.

The sound you´re looking for is a "chord" which means various harmonic notes are played together at one time.

I grew up with Detroit Techno back in the 90s, they often used that kind of minor chords, and often much more wired harmonics on their tracks.

So, finally, you just have to get a pad sound on the MC-303 like 05-21. Adjust the Attack very low and filter down the pad sound with cutoff while raising the resonance (Q) by a fourth part.

For example, record following notes at same time (maybe with a connected controller): D#, F# and A#, located in the lower octave range.

Was is what you was looking for?
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